Do you need some answers but aren't yet ready for professional management? 

We offer consultation meetings!

Over the years we have spent many hours answering the questions of friends and colleagues alike, and we offer this to you too.

Some frequently discussed topics include:  

  • Rights Organizations and Royalty Collection 
  • Record Label Strategy and Contract Interpretation
  • Promotion, Marketing, and Social Media Strategies 
  • Music Industry Finance 
  • Bookings, Touring, and Booking Agencies 

Our consultation video meetings are in the format of a masterclass or private lesson, so be prepared to have a detailed conversation with us.   

This service costs $75.00 USD (tax included) per hour for a meeting with one team member. An additional fee of $55 is added to meet with both team members. (I.e. If you meet with both Peter and Paul together for one hour, the total fee will be $130.) 

The meetings can be held on the video meeting service of your choice. Please apply via the contact form to the right. 

We look forward to assisting you!