At De Reyna Artist Management we have one goal: to plan and execute comprehensive solutions for your success in the modern music industry.

Our approach to artist management encompasses all aspects of a band's daily operations in the music industry. We are the short-term facilitators and the long-term strategists. Our service is tailored to the specific artistry and abilities of each client because we, as musicians ourselves, are constantly developing our skillset within all aspects of the industry.  

Here are some examples of aspects in which we will prove influential: 

  • Advising the Artist on career decisions and providing recommendations for various business partners 
  • Rights organizations and royalty collection  
  • Record label strategy and contract Interpretation 
  • Promotion, marketing, and social media strategies  
  • Music industry finance  
  • Bookings, touring, and booking agencies
  • Developing and refining the Artist’s online presence, music, visuals, merchandise, and overall brand image 

Our management team is efficiently structured for optimal communication and workflow.

Our team comprises two managers, Peter de Reyna (bass player, Seven Spires & Ok Goodnight) and Paul Sellier. We have been working together since 2017 as internal management for Seven Spires. We began to take on more clients in 2021 while working for Hard Drive Agency (AU). During that period we honed our skills and learned how to accommodate a wide variety of artists with bespoke approaches. Through De Reyna Artist Management we are seeking to provide our artists with the best guidance we can possibly offer. 


Peter de Reyna

Co-Founder & Manager

Peter graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music in 2019 with a degree in Music Business & Upright Bass Performance. He has played bass for Seven Spires since 2015 and has served alongside Paul as internal management for the band since 2017. 

In addition, he is an accomplished freelance session and touring musician through his work with countless artists throughout Europe and North America. Prior to founding De Reyna Artist Management, Peter spent one year working as a regional coordinator for an Australian management agency.

Paul Sellier

Co-Founder & Manager

For the past ten years, Paul has been seizing opportunities to become familiar with many aspects of the music industry, which allowed him to gain an overview of the key challenges currently facing the market.

Indeed, he has worked in music journalism, promotion, marketing, and A&R, practiced songwriting, arranging, and production, performed on record and on stage, while managing his band and assisting artists in the development of their careers.

Daniel Wilson

Booking Agent

Dan has been an active musician in the New England music scene since 2014. Hailing from Boston MA, he is mostly known for his time as the former vocalist and manager for such acts as Vivisepulture and Wake of Sirens. His approach to performing has always been deeply expressive and dramatic, and he carries this sense of conviviality with him off the stage as well. He has a Master of Education from Boston University, on top of years of experience booking events and shows.